Become a volunteer

If you have a few hours to spare each week, becoming a volunteer is a wonderful way to lend a hand to your community shop. Managed by Ali and staffed entirely by dedicated volunteers – individuals just like you.

Interested in joining us?

Simply swing by and have a chat with our Shop Manager, Ali. She’ll be more than happy to discuss the opportunities.

Alternatively, you can download this form and drop it off at the shop. Our rota manager, Pam, will be in touch with you soon after.

Who can volunteer?

The short answer is anyone. There are no special skills or experience required. The shop is for the whole community and the wider the range of volunteers, the better.

We always have two people working in the shop at any one time and training is provided. We don’t expect you to know how it all works perfectly from day one. You will be given as much support (and tea) as you need.

If you have a disability we will do our best to adapt the work to accommodate your needs.

The most important thing is to be friendly and helpful to visitors and customers, and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We also want you to enjoy it and have fun!

How does it work?

Our volunteers work in pairs in shifts of two and half or three hours.

Monday to Friday:

Early Morning 8 – 10.30am
Mid Morning 10.30 – 1pm
Afternoon 1 – 3.30pm
Late afternoon 3.30 – 6pm

Saturday and Bank Holidays:

Early Morning 8 – 10.30am
Mid Morning 10.30  – 1pm

We have a few larks who come in early to help get the shop going before it opens.  This is really helpful.  If this appeals to you contact Pam on 01803 812986.

We also have a WhatsApp group to call in volunteers at short notice for help with big deliveries, emergency shift cover and washing of aprons etc

What would I be doing?

  • Welcoming and assisting our customers

  • Working on the till

  • Unpacking and receiving deliveries

  • Stacking shelves

  • Labelling products and checking stock

  • Cleaning

  • Preparing deliveries and orders

  • Making freshly ground coffee and other hot drinks

  • Preparing tasty hot food