A shop for people, not for profit

For just £10, you can join your friends and neighbours as a shareholder of Broadhempston Community Shop.

By becoming a shareholder, you gain a voice in shaping the future of our much loved shop. This includes receiving our annual report and accounts, endorsing grants for community initiatives, and participating in our AGM. If you’re eager to play a more active role, you can even put yourself forward for election to the management committee.

Download shop accounts:

How to become a shareholder

The more individuals who get involved, the greater the chances of our shop’s enduring success. Take the step today by downloading and filling out the shareholder application form, then return it to us at the shop.

Join your friends and neighbours by becoming a shareholder of Broadhempston Community Shop for just £10.

What are Community Shares?

Community shares are what you will get in return for investing in Broadhempston Community Shop. They are an ideal way for communities to invest in enterprises serving a community purpose.

The opportunity to buy shares allows local people to contribute financially to our community shop, in the expectation of receiving a social dividend rather than a financial return. This social dividend will mean different things to different people, but may include:


Having a shop in the village to get daily staples – milk, bread, newspapers, and so much more


Providing a ‘community hub’ where people can meet, make friends and exchange information


Getting people out and about, walking around the village and bumping into friends and neighbours.


Ensuring good quality produce is available in the village, supporting local producers and reducing food miles


Reducing car journeys to supermarkets and other shops


Making the area a more desirable place to live and to positively affect house values